Creative Interiors that are Fresh, Innovative and Inspired.

Posh feels like home, not foreboding but inviting. Environ understands a space must be as functional as it is beautiful.

Designing a new space for a client to live or work in is, of course, a serious business. It’s an extremely personal business, as well. What could be more personal than creating the details that will surround someone through the hours and days of their lives?

Every aspect of use and lifestyle are taken into careful consideration. We ask questions and we listen carefully to every want and desire. We examine our client’s individual identity, their unique needs, their likes…and dislikes.

We study the space, it’s intended use, it’s possibilities, it’s positives and yes, even its negatives. We create a better way to live or work.

The result is that we create interiors that go beyond the ordinary.

Your Vision, Our Interpretation, A Lasting Impression.

Many attempt to claim the title of “Interior Designer.” But Environ prides itself on being much more.

Our professional engineering and architectural backgrounds position us to create innovative solutions from the ground up rather than merely suggesting new colors of fabric, paint and pillows.